Jan 15, 2010

So I get up early today 8 a.m. (ahhhhhh the joys of home-education) only to realize that my son, Braverijah is returning from an even earlier morning bike ride. ???????????? Huh????????????? This is the kid who very much likes to sleep in when there is nothing pressing to get out of bed for. And by sleep in ...I mean noonish (he goes to sleep very late.)

Braverijah has decided not to attend classes this semester. He's got 50 some odd college credits under his belt and he's seeking a break in the routine. He wants to find a job and he wants to create.

So, at the age of 18...on his own (maybe responding to gleaned wisdom?)...he has come to this conclusion. "I feel more productive when I get going early."

He's off to a quiet coffee shop to write (self imposed goal) for the next few hours. He is excited about the story he is working on. He is a good writer. He has passion.

I guess we could be the sort of parents who are angry/upset/super worried that he is taking a break from classes. I guess we could rant and rave about it. Plead or manipulate. But we are not those sorts of parents.

Oh, Lord....that we will continue to see the fruit of our attempts (failed as they might be)...blossoming in his life.

One day...Lord willing...he will be the Priest, Provider and Protector of his home.

Oh, Lord...that our many missteps and failings as parents would be covered by Your all sufficient grace.

That our boys and the boys in our circle...would become strong men of faith...walking in all humility before You...their King.

One day....Lord willing there will be men marrying our daughters. Lord, prepare these men for the great task which lies ahead of them.


C said...

In hindsight, I am utterly amazed at the quiet patience my parents had with me. They absolutely, positively waited on the Lord on many occasions.

Really didn't truly "get it" until I was on this side of it all.

Unknown said...

amen, dawn...that our son and daughter will leave our home and know the Holy Spirit's voice for themselves & and that as they hear that voice, they will be obedient and we will be supportive. thanks for sharing what's happening in your son's life a few years ahead of our children...shared wisdom~such a blessing!

Raising Family said...

you are such an encouragement to me and all of my short comings! I am thankful that you are always transparent, loving, and truthful!

familygregg said...
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