Jan 20, 2010

I am AMAZED when I think of all the info we have at our fingertips. Do you remember life before you had a computer? Before google? Before youtube?

It is such a different world...this one our children are growing up in...compared to the one we did.

(Does not apply to... my "spring chicken" friends who've had a computer since day one...and a microwave for that matter...I'm addressing us old "fuddie duddies.")

As a home-educator...I've had my share of moments of panic over the years. Are they getting enough?

After I calm down, I remember....

...there's no possible way that we can teach our kids everything but we should be teaching them how to find the information they need when they need it, how to think, and how to communicate.

I for one, am so thankful for the information I have access to.


Raising Family said...

I have watched this video before and really appreciated it.

We are spoiled with resources!!!

Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

A few weeks ago I had a situation where I couldn't use current technology and I actually thought to myself..."What would Laura Ingalls do?" And...it worked! And gave me a peace to remember that generations before us lived...very successfully without modern conveniences.

Thanks for the great post!

Sean's Ladies said...

fed from throughout the generations and the Church as a whole through technology.


Integrity Singer said...

Just last night Aspie Boy said to me, "mom, what's a cyclopedia?" and I said, "Do you mean ENcyclopedia?" And he said yes, that's what he meant. And I laughed at first because, yeah, of course a 9 year old doesn't know what that is. So I told him it's a big set of books that tells people the stuff they want to know but it's not useful anymore because we have the internet, google, youtube, ask.com, wiki...