Oct 27, 2009

Welcome To My Brain

Gotta send you to Christine's blog...first off...because I think she's cool and second off....because I think she's cool.

We seem to diverge on a few issues (ahem...mostly political. Oh yeah....and also her whacked idea regarding toilet paper is off the CHARTS!!!!!!!) but I really really think she is cool.

She makes me smile and she makes me think. Her post entitled Summer Does Not like Christians is the latest to get my wheels turning. Many.....those of us (maybe attempting to process and articulate our experiences??????????) would say.....

I don't like rock & rollers because all rock and roll is of the devil.

I don't like Muslims because they all blow up airplanes and plan mass transit bombings.

I don't like IV drug users because they all have AIDS anyways and deserve what they get.

I don't like homosexuals because they all have an agenda...which is sinister.

I don't like guys in jail because they are all incorrigible lawbreakers who deserve what they get.

I don't like pill poppers because they all brought it on themselves and deserve what they get.

I don't like meat eaters/vegetarians because they all have an agenda.

I don't like tax collectors because they are all pigs like (pre-Christ) Matthew.

I don't like home-school er moms because they all wear denim jumpers w/ Winnie the Pooh appliques.

I don't like Scientologists because like Tom Cruise....they are all maniacs.

I don't like Mormons because they are all infiltrating hocus pocus jammie wearing brain washers.

I don't like Democrats because they are all tax collecting baby killers.

I don't like Republicans because they all want to pray in schools, control by body, and Sarah Palin shoots a gun.

I don't like Jews because they all killed Christ.

I don't like Catholics because they all reject the finished work of Christ & Luther.

I don't like Protestants because they all reject the Pope & think Luther did great things at Wittenberg.

I don't like Christians because Hilter was a church goer.

I don't like conservatives because they are all intolerant.

I don't like liberals because they are all intolerant.

etc.... etc..... etc......

Obviously, when you follow the logic....it's ridiculous to think this way.

Do you have friends/web friends who challenge you?


And, Summer.....know that I firsthand hear you in regards to the "Christian" disappointment thing.....

......my question though.... if I got to ask you one question...would be.... (insert drum roll here) how do you feel about Jesus? How do you feel about the Son of God?

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
John 3:19


Summer said...

Honestly, I'm fine with Jesus. I don't think he's the son of god, but he was a great philosophical hippie. I just wish more of his followers liked him enough to pay more than lip service to his words.

Anonymous said...

Masking behavior with an excuse to exhibit the very same behavior. Priceless.

familygregg said...


About the followers thing...me too. It is so frustrating at times...sad too and often frightening.

Anonymous: You are free to stop visiting my blog.

familygregg said...

D.F.A. He still loves you. Repent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Summer for your honesty. It is very sobering & convicting to my heart. I causes me to search my heart to see if there is any area in my life that might be misrepresenting Christ.

I'll tell you this for sure it is not easy to be a christian and see my brothers and sisters in Christ doing something I believe is misrepresenting our Heavenly Father. I wrestle with this one often as I have shared this with Dawn.

The thing that kind of helps me is to look at my own family. My brother and sister. I see how different we are and sometimes ask my self "How the HECK are we from the same parents?!" We were all disciplined and loved the same yet we all turned out so different! I see unique personalities in my family. My brother is silent and the girls are not. I am assertive and they are not. All of these good traits but potentially bad too if handled wrong. So different yet from the same mom and dad! As siblings we drive each other nuts because of our differences but on the other hand we could choose to swallow our sinful pride and grow from each others strengths.

This helps me when I look at Gods family aka "christians." In the bible is says we were all made in His (Gods) image Gen 1:26 - Crazy huh!! Yet we all are so different and we often drive each other nuts! We all have different talents, different temptations, different shortcomings and we all deal so differently. This definitely does not excuse us of our bad behavior but it certainly causes me to pay more attention to my walk. The second I start to judge my fellow believers I become self righteous. Dawn has helped me often with this. I am learning to love and pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ all the while keep myself in check. I truly am sorry you have such a bad image of christians. It would be nice if they were more like Dawn huh!! Not to put you on a pedestal Dawn!! You know I am crazy for you! Summer I am praying for your heart.

J Schoenbach