Jul 26, 2007

A Voice In The Wind

"Her words broke down the walls of bloodline and tradition. Every man a child of God, all equal in His sight. No righteous Jew would agree with-nor Roman emperor tolerate-such a claim, for it broke the pride of the one and the power of the other."


The Thompson family said...

I read this whole series and LOVED them!! So powerful!!

Family Gregg said...

I can't get enough of these characters. I am totally invested in the outcomes and I am so happy to know I will be with them for a while. By the way, if you haven't already...read Redeeming Love.

Mom of Five said...

This trilogy was Francine River's first cross over into the Christian market and it still is my favorite of all of hers. Redeeming Love was hard to read for me, the story of Hosea.But once you get into it, you can't put it down. She is quite the gifted writer.