Jul 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary

47 years ago tonight, my parents went on their first date. She was 13. He was 17. They lived on the same block and walked around the corner to the ice-cream parlor...where they ordered milkshakes. She had a black and white and he had a strawberry. On their walk back to her brownstone stoop...he stopped in a shop window. They stood back to back and he measured her. She wasn't taller...so he got up the nerve to ask her out again. They've been together ever since. They love the Lord, each other, their children, their grandchildren, and their friends.

Tonight, they are having another ice-cream date in their living room. Making due with what was in the fridge...she's having a vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles and he's having Cherry Garcia.


SeanandCate said...

Congrats Di and Richie!! I love the celebration of the beginning of your love...not just the commitment of it. You are a shining example of how God can redeem a life and marriage years into patterns, habits and comfortablity. Thank you for always striving to lay down your lives for each other and those around you. We love you!

Debbie and Co. said...

What can I say, but amazing- knowing the journey and the people that travelled through. I hope it was a double scoop!