Jul 11, 2007

Playing Summer Time "Catch Up"

Last week, Nationwide Vision for Jemima's check-up. New prescription w/cute new frames.

Today, Mcabe, Galilee, Jemima and Zion @ Dr. Libby's for cleanings and check-ups. Zero cavities! While I lay reclined with Zion in my lap, watching Jake and Josh on the ceiling mounted t.v....as she had her cleaning...I couldn't help but think, "Thank you, Lord... for this precious moment where I get to help my daughter get over her fear. Mothering is really the best job in the world."

Next, all five kids @ Dr. Ziltzer's for check-ups and (overdue) immunizations...3 different days because of a "no more than 2 kids per family/per visit" rule. Slight bummer.

Myself and Bria @ Dr. Resnik's for cleanings and check-ups. I got ZOOM for my b-day...so I'll take a spin in that chair too.

Myself @ Laura Dreyer Breast Center for bi-lateral mammos and ultra sound check-ups.

Myself at Dr. Perry's for boobie results.

Myself @ Dermotologist...whatshisname?.... to check a mole on the back of my knee.

Myself @ Dr. Johnson's to fix a brown spot on my cheek which appeared as a result of the laser removal of a blood blister.

Bradley @ Dr. Bethancort's for a check-up/physical.

Myself @ Dr. Holemon's for yukkk....you know what. Pretty big bummer.

All this to say...I'm learning to become a better steward of my body and the bodies in my care...and I'm learning how to be responsible...and I'm forcing myself to do the things I'd much rather put off until another time. I'm so thankful for our doctors, for insurance, and for our health.


SeanandCate said...

You are a good momma

SeanandCate said...

Mimers you look so cute!
I love your new glasses!

Debbie and Co. said...

Summer is a wonderful time for all of this to be completed and put behind until the next time. I'm glad you are taking care of YOU too -- you know how much I advocate preventive care!