Jun 29, 2017


We weren't the Shakespeare sort of Home-School Family.   What I mean by that... is the reading Shakespeare sort.

I tried.

It didn't stick.

What did stick more than reading the play... was watching the Romeo & Juliet film, the Leonardo DiCaprio  & Claire Danes one.

At least the boys had SOME exposure.

And the girls have had more.  We've enjoyed Summer nights attending Independent Shakespeare Company productions over the past 5 years.

And the Los Angeles Ballet ....

I am here to tell you, Home-Educating Moms...our kids will learn what they need to learn when they are ready to learn it or when they WANT to learn it...and in a way that makes sense to them.

Isn't THAT usually the best way to learn something?

Maybe always the best way?

My son auditioned this week for the role of Benvolio in a new adaptation of the Bard of Avon's masterpiece.

Together we translated Old English with the help of the web and all the info at our fingertips.   He understood the backstory, the setting, the tone...memorized  his lines...and we filmed the scenes.

At the age of 23...my son is interested in Shakespeare!  It's like we were doing a UNIT STUDY, Ladies!!!!!!!!!!

Jemima has chimed in.  Here's her input...." It's when I started researching Fashion that my love and understanding of History grew.  As a kid, I really liked Fashion therefore I wanted to learn about the history of fashion trends through the decades.  For instance the style of the 30's and 40's was toned down because of the Depression & War.  Pants became a big thing cuz women went back to work.  Then, during the 50's everything was looking brighter, bigger, and better...the war was over...so Dior came out with their new collection...the "New Look."

Home-Education for the win!