May 8, 2017


Our taxi driver tells us Greece is 2-3 months from collapse.  he has 8 kids.  Nobody works.  There is no work.  Everybody sleeps.  Citizens are opposed to the gvt. Opposed to the EU. opposed to Islamic invasion. He loves trump so much.  He had a sermon playing on his radio as he drove us through a very impoverished part of town.  Wearing a plain black woven cross necklace...he was a nice guy  I was happy to meet.

Our apartment was amazing.  Temple of Zeus out the window.

Temple of Athena and The Parthenon

Dad was having a cigar.  Zion tried it.

Temple of Hephaestus

Back to the Opposite Game. Poor Brad...he had no idea.  He thought his precious baby girl was posing so sweetly.

Museum of Ancient Agora & Church of the Apostles

Mars Hill View

Dried Fruits & Nuts Wagon

Temple of Zeus

Mars Hill was my favorite spot in Athens so we went back.

Drive to the airport.