May 8, 2017

Rome, Naples, Positano, Citiavecchia

Upon arrival...I wasn't feeling well.  Braverijah and I walked a mile to a Medical Clinic. The place was eerily vacant.  Like some sort of a museum of a hospital. Finally found some staff....but they spoke zero English. A man in the waiting room who did speak English opened up a conversation about the benefits of socialized medicine when he learned that we were Americans.  He applauded the fact that Italians don't pay for medical expenses.  A young mother rolled her eyes at me and said, "We pay.  We pay in taxes."  At this point I had the cold sweats and needed to visit a bathroom.

A sweet Filipino woman in the waiting room who had Italian as a second language and English as a third... came into my exam with me and translated.  I got a prescription for meds.

Before they let me go...the doctor, nurse and male receptionist ...who for some reason was in my exam room.... had a question for me.  What were my thoughts on Trump?

I told them I wasn't sure they would like my answer and I.....waited to see if I could discern where they were headed with the inquiry.

They all LOVE Trump.  After hugs and a good laugh about us all being the sane people in an insane world...we took a selfie together.

Let the sightseeing begin!

Our apartment in Trastevere was amazing.

Took a bus to the catacombs.

Jet lag.

The Pantheon is my favorite spot in Rome.  Had to take the kids.

Jewish Quarter

We walked everywhere.    Piazza Venezia & The Forum

So glad we paid the skip the line fee to get in to the Colosseum.

Trevi Fountain

(on right) Largo di Torre Argentina...where Caesar was killed (this fact was very important to Jemima.) 

Day Trip thru Naples & Lunch in Positano

Tried to get to Pompeii ruins.  Never made it.  Stopped for coffee and directions.  This man didn't speak English but he wanted us to know that he did not like Theresa May and wanted Italy to stay in the EU.

Back in Rome.

Holocaust Museum (left.)

84 steps up to the apartment.

Piazza de Venezia

We decided to pose in the spot where demonically influenced Mussolini and Hitler received accolades from the adoring masses under their spell spawned in the pit of hell.  Cuz we are cuter than them.

Mamertime Jail where Paul and Peter were imprisoned.  Ancient Roman stones.

St. Peter's Basilica & Santa Maria Church ...dates back to 340...one of the oldest churches in Rome, if not THE oldest.

Bought a piece from this local artist.

Left Rome for Citiavecchia.

That's Zion on the dock.