Jul 14, 2014

Some Fun Things

More Gabba Gallery openings.

This piece...Made in China... sold for two thousand something bucks.    It reminded me of this current event ...and I think it's thought provoking.

We discovered Little Tokyo.  

 A Wishing Tree & Gelato Mochi. 

Sushi and a delicious Daikon Radish Salad.

And when the boys came across a really cool event...they called us up and told us to head over.

Off The Wall Sunday nites in NoHo is something super cool.  A space and art supplies are provided.  Graffiti artist come and put up their work legally.  The hope is that those who attend would be inspired to diversify their portfolios...step outside of their comfort zones...and eventually be able to sell their work.  Zion and Brad have participated twice now...and I've tagged along.  There's an open mic...(rap must be clean...no cussing)...dance offs...(amazing talent is an understatement) a food table (all donated and free to attendees.)  It's really a very inspiring thing.  

There is no security and things could get tense quickly...but haven't so far.  Everyone has been very  respectful.  Zion doesn't like the wafting smell of marijuana so much ...but she doesn't mind the lingering odor of spray paint. 

The first nite...Zion came up with a French Dude in a Beret.

Last nite...she came up with a Sugar Skull.

Downtown ART WALK.

The Peddler's Creamery

The Last Bookstore

Worldviews on display.

This lady became a little bit uncomfortable when I asked her if I could take photos.

These guys...believers...I give them a lot of credit. Out there doing the street evangelism thing.