May 21, 2014

Conservatives in LA

Did you know there are more political & social conservatives in LA than you think there are?


We keep bumping into them.

They are all over the place.

This town is swarming with them.

This gal was standing out front ot Trader Joes the other day...taking signatures.

Signatures supporting what?????....you ask.

"Do you think voters should have to show valid IDs in order to vote?"

heCk YES!!!!!!!  Gimmie that paper.  Gimmie that pen!!!!!!  And, I gotta get a picture for my blog...just to prove to people in other parts of the country that this sort of thing actually happens in Los Angeles.

Right when we walked inside some guy...total hipster in his 20's...with a beard.....says to Brad...

"Oh hey, Man...I love your shirt."

Brad says..."Thanks.  Do you know who it is?"

The hipster totally knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Yeah.  Andrew Breitbart.  I love him."