Feb 3, 2014


So we were driving down a pretty tree lined street in North Hollywood...when with my hawkeye...I notice this beauty sitting on the curb.  Just waiting for someone like me to claim it.

Say "hello" to our new shoe storage thingie next time you're over.  We keep it by the front door.

Inside the shoe storage thingie were four vases.  Two were ordinary flower shop sort of vases...totally functional...but nothing great.  These two however...are heavy and quite nice.


As I was surveying a local thrift store with my hawkeye...I noticed a very interesting gallon sized zip lock bag.  Inside were all these serving/cooking utensils and all these NEW sets of chopstix.  I like high quality wood kitchen things...and we like eating with chopstix...and the whole shabang was marked $2.99 so it was a no brainer!!!!!  Ran them through the diswasher and now we are using them.


I've been wanting one of these glass drink dispenser thingies for a while now...especially since infused water is all the rage these days and I like anything that brings more possibilities for hospitality into our home...but I never find myself wanting to go into my wallet to buy one when I see one at Costco...or Target...or wherever.

Last Saturday...I got 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At a neighbor's Yard Sale.  She's is elderly and having some health issues.  Best $20 I could have spent.


Jehovah - Jireh - The Lord will provide


Seven's Heaven said...

We'll wear flipflops next time we come, because there's no way any Tuten shoes with fit in your shoe thingy! You do have a good eye!