Feb 11, 2014

Franklin Canyon

We know some stuff about AZ's various native cultures...but we don't know anything about the Tongva Indians who used to live here in the LA basin in huts like the one above.  I'm thinking it's time to learn about them and write some reports about what we discover.   Stay tuned :)


So the kids are admiring the turtles sunning on the branch in the above left shot.  They have sticks in their hands...cuz they were walking around the duck pond with with sticks that they gathered along the way.

Two ladies pass by.  One makes a point of stopping to instruct the kids not to hit the turtles with the sticks.

Jeni, Cate and I are standing there with our kids.

"They aren't hitting the turtles with sticks."  I tell the lady.

Even so...she thinks she needs to instruct the kids...our kids... AGAIN not to...cuz turtles are sensitive and they shouldn't be hit with sticks.

"There are no turtles being hit with sticks here...Thank you."  I reassure her.

The turtle loving busy body lady walks away reluctantly...and unconvinced.  15 steps later she plops down to FEED THE DUCKS!!!!!!!!  Processed bread nevertheless...right next to a sign that tells visitors NOT TO FEED THE DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear to almighty God it took all my strength no to walk over to where she was feeding the ducks and ask her if she was feeding the ducks that aren't supposed to be fed according to the sign that says DON'T FEED THE DUCKS!!!!!!!!!

btw...Zion is a mini me.  If I had given her permission...she would have said all of the above to the out of her mind hypocritical turtle loving duck hating lady.  She asked if she could.


Seven's Heaven said...

That's Hysterical!!! Yes, the groove in your tongue is wisdom....<3