Oct 16, 2013

This Week

Zion is the sweetest thing on earth as she struggles greatly with the realization that we are actually really living in L.A.

Not visiting L.A. but living here.   As in long term.  As in no end in sight.

She is literally heartsick for "home."  Painfully heartsick.

She does not want to let go...cuz in her mind she is leaving her childhood behind.
All the comforts of what was for an uncertain future w/ so many changes ahead.

I have had the great honor of helping her through this trial.  Lots of tears have been shed this week. Lots of cuddles.

Lots and lots of salty tears and kisses.

We do not know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future.

Photo Credit: Jemima

Woodley Park Archery

The staff is so incredibly friendly...like seriously joyful & passionate.  You can not only tell ...how much they love archery...but how much they want to pass the love of archery on to others.

There is nothing like unpaid volunteers serving the community.  Heart and soul.

It was so neat to bump into this familiar guy...who I knew I knew from somewhere...but couldn't place for the life of me.  I asked the instructor if they have a Home-School set up...lessons etc...when this guy overhears me. We strike up a conversation...and lo & behold...it winds up he and his wife were at the same FREE HOMESCHOOL BOWLING thingie w/ their kids that we just went to last week...two years ago.   We had talked briefly then...and now bumped into each other again at an Archery class.  Not only are they believers but they are New Yorkers & Jews!

It's cool when you know that there are no accidents and that the Lord has a purpose for every encounter.  And when that's the mindset of the people you bump into it's very cool.

We exchanged info.


The boys have been busy w/ Dead Rabbit work.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...one of the best things we've ever done is put cameras and editing bays into their hands at early ages.

Braverijah flew out last night.  He's due back just before Thanksgiving.