Oct 11, 2013

Fridays at Home

Don't think you can homeschool?

YES you can.  Of course you can!

Our Fridays are laid back.  Most of our days are...but Fridays are especially laid back.

Whatever lessons need to be done before the week-end are on the agenda.


There's Piano for Jemima.

How brilliant is this????!!!!!!!$&*%%!!!!  While David, a homeschool graduate is in the back teaching  our middle girl how to tickle the ivories...

...his mother is in the front room teaching a Spanish class to our eldest and youngest girls and Lizzy...our home-schooled friend.  Such a better use of time than her just sitting there waiting.  It couldn't be more perfect.  Spanish is her native language and she's a Spanish teacher for a private school.

Actually....today was the first day for SPANISH.  And it went really well!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!

I sat on the couch...listening in...while finishing up a little project.

Each Gregg kid is getting a crocheted blanket.  TaDa......Zion's is finished.

  After Piano & Spanish...the girls have Dance from 4-7.  Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Spanish.

That's it.

Our Fridays.

And you wanna know why the fed gvt. (as a system)  dislikes us homeschooling types?  

It's cuz we don't need them.