Aug 12, 2013

Galatians 3:30


Ohhhhhhhh...that sneaky crafty evil enemy.  He whispers lies.  He loves darkness.

The good news is that the Lord is not a liar and He will do exactly as He says.  And He says he will finish every good work that He began.  The Holy Spirit convicts believers of sin and softens hearts...leading to repentance.

Sweetest most precious...most adorable...lovely thing in the ENTIRE WORLD... when a child comes to parents and blurts out a heavy burden they have been carrying for a few miserable weeks.   Sobbing from the very core of their being. Horrified at their offense.   Saying things like..."I felt so alone."  "I felt so far away."  "I hated it." "I HATE secrets!"

So humbling when that child asks for forgiveness.  So wonderful to extend it.

The Lord is amazing!  And ever so kind.

The fruit of repentance.  It's sweet.


I'm processing what's going on over here as the day progresses.  Of course we are in the thick of it.  Recently I posted this about a different kid.  The enemy of our souls...that dog on a leash from the pit of hell... is pissed off to no end and he's prowling around like a roaring lion...looking for someone to tear apart.  

Zion's been weepy all day long.  Crying now and she doesn't know why.  She's just "so sad."

Now, she could just be overtired...and I am sure that's part of it...but it's not the whole story.

Praying unceasingly.  

Heightened awareness.

Zion had a very hard time last night.

She was tossing and turning...hot...uncomfortable...asking for water...unable to fall asleep.

This went on for hours.

In my sleep fog I ...as I stumbled around attempting to provide comfort...I began to sense that she was in the middle of a spiritual skirmish.

I prayed with her out loud.  "Lord, we are sensing that maybe there is a battle taking place right this very moment.  We don't know what it's about but we ask you to bring peace.  To protect Zion.  To keep the enemy away from her right now this very minute.  We ask that you would bring sleep.  We love you, Lord.  And, thank you, for loving us.  It's in Jesus's name that we ask these things.  Amen."

She held my hand...draped her leg over mine and was able to rest.

I had a dream about her.  I cannot remember anything about the dream except for the fact that it had something to do with Galatians 3:30.

Over and over in my head and heart...I was hearing Galatians 3:30 whispered all this morning.

I ignored it.

Mornings are busy.  You know...gotta eat a yogurt...have a coffee..check e-mails...check fb....

But Galatians 3:30  kept coming back to me.  So I looked it up.

There is no Galatians 3:30.


It stops at vs 29.

Who the heCk knows?????  I had a strange dream...that led to nowhere???????  Happens all the time.

I read her the few verses before what would be vs 30.

"Yeah...that's so weird!!!!!!  I was thinking last night that I want to be baptized,"  she said.

Now we know Biblically speaking...that salvation does not come through baptism but that in obedience...we are to be baptized as an outward indication of our saving faith in Christ.

She went on to tell me that she felt like she was sleeping on a mountain last night.  Like a mountain in Egypt.  Like on a sandy mountain.  "Like a sand dune," I asked?  "Yes...like a sand dune."

She started to cry.  Big tears.  Out of nowhere.  The poor thing was so upset.  What at least some of it  boils down to is that she doesn't want to get married and leave home.  (How precious is this?????)

I know that I know that I know that our 10 year old daughter was wrestling with unseen forces last night.  Like us...she has the Lord to turn to.  He has provided instructions on how to engage in Spiritual Warfare.

Ephesians 6.

Now, what's very interesting to me about all of this.... is an element of the story that Zion has no idea is even taking place.  Behind the scenes...I am engaged in two conversations with two different pastors.  The subject matter is Spiritual Warfare.

The Lord is close.  He is present.  He is intimate.


Seven's Heaven said...

Thank You Lord for this discerning Mom. Thank You for her precious children that have You to turn to and that she helps them know to do that!

What an honor to see Him work. To see Him present, to know He is near. I am praising Him for what He will do in and through Zion.

Stephanie Sim said...

Praying for Zion for heaps and heaps of protection and blessings. Thank God we have victory in Jesus Christ! Devil, take a step back because God has already won. It's going to be amazing to see what God does through you daughter and the rest of your beautiful children!