Mar 9, 2013

Mark Sayers / The Road Trip That Changed The World

What brings a large crowd out in Hollywood...pretty much known for it's self absorption... on a cold rainy night?

Mark Sayers lecture.

He not only seems to have his pulse on current sociological worldview trends & patterns...but on things off in the horizon as well.

Memorable home-educating moment of the evening...."when we are clinging so tightly to our dreams...we're just like Smeogol with his ring."  That one caught the attention of Jemima.  I didn't mind that she was busy with a crafting project cuz I knew she was listening.

I got to speak with Pastor Mark briefly...in order to probe deeper into something he said during the
Q & A.

Yeah I heard him right.  He most definitely thinks the "Western World" is gonna come head to head with a militant China sooner rather than later.

In so many words....It's gonna be insane.  It's gonna be ugly.  An epic showdown.  He prays for peace...but it is not looking like it will go that way.  The Chinese are having mostly boys.  Raising them as "little emperors."

It's his sort of talk that resonates with me.  It's like a kindred soul thing.  Brother & Sister...living on different continents....speaking the same language.

I'm so excited to read his latest book.  In fact...I'd like to read every book he's written.

The photo of Jemima crafting during the lecture reminded me of another similar Jemima moment.

She and Galilee take a Physiology & Anatomy class at Master's College.  She arrived home one day recently...only for me to discover that she had been sketching prom dress designs during Science class. 

There was no way I could be upset with her though...cuz she promptly waved her test in front of me.   100%...and....she had discovered 2 errors that the prof hadn't noticed prior to her questioning the original grade he had given her. 

Knowing her...she'll probably be the only Gregg kid to ever attend a prom.