Oct 14, 2012

Stories I Only Tell My Friends

While Bradley and Mcabe were in London...I had some down time.  The girls and I were out and about...actually doing some early CHRISTmas shopping at Barnes & Noble when I came across this in the Reduced For Clearance bin.  $6.98!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally related to the story & enjoyed it thoroughly. 

I knew Rob in passing...and his brother, Chad.  I remember being at a Malibu Beach colony dance party of some sort with him and then again....there was this other time he was in my Calabasas living room for some reason?????? Chad...with his then girlfriend Hilary (such a sweet couple at the time) ...sat directly in front of us in the Mann Village theatre as we watched Prince rock the world in Purple Rain.

I have to admit...I always thought Rob was way too pretty to be manly but I did have a small...very small thing for Chad.

What a great read.  Especially if you grew up in or around Hollywood during this era.  Played on the same beaches...travelled to the same film festivals.  Knew Robert Wagner (who paid a visit to the same Calabasas living room??????)  ...C Thomas Howell ( a whole other story)....Charlie Sheen (who was also in my Calabasas living room for some reason????)...etc.

It was a surreal read.

My take away.

If this thing called ACTING is in your blood...

Don't leave before the miracle.

P.S.  In my humble estimation...the whole West Wing thing that went down...it's sad to say...but I think Martin Sheen might have had a role to play.  I hope not....but it's my gut instinct.

P.P.S. Rob seems to have grown into a very manly man :)


cate said...

wish we had seen prince together. that would've been awesome