Oct 9, 2012

City of Angels

I have been processing some thoughts floating around in my head and heart with a friend.
I shared with her a few weeks ago something that seems sort of impossible to explain in a way that makes perfect sense...to not only her...but to myself. 

I love this city.

I love Los Angeles.

I love people in Scottsdale.  I love things about Scottsdale...but that's different than loving Scottsdale. 

I feel as if our family is supposed to live here.  I feel as if the Lord brought us to this place.  In His timing and for His purposes.

In Bible Study this morning, the conversation turned towards us girls wondering if we (other families as well) were doing the right thing by moving with our husbands and our respective clans to this place...away from family support systems...away from comfort...away from ....our preferences. 

Life here isn't stupendously wonderful.  In fact, things have not gone the way we had hoped.  Acting work for Bradley has been non-existent up to this point.  There are new stresses.  New temptations.  New struggles. 

There are also new blessings.  And new opportunities.  New convictions.  Lots of them.  

For me ....it has come down to obedience.  I believe we are being obedient by living in Los Angeles.  Leaving would feel like disobedience.

It's hard to explain...cuz as far as the world goes...it just doesn't make sense.  Not one bit of sense. 

Jeni, the friend I spoke of above gets me.  I'm the Ethel to her Lucy.  She blogged about us in LA here.