Sep 17, 2012

Dangerous Times


Because some of you might not know me well enough to know this about me...I'll make myself very clear.  I do not think all Muslims hate America...thinking we are the great satan.  I do not think all Muslims want to see us go to hell.  And I do not think that all Muslims want to see Israel obliterated.  I do... however think that many Muslims do.

More than we realize in our slumber.

Try to follow the train of thoughts percolating in my head for the past few days. 

We are navigating dangerous times.  I know it's not original...but I really really mean it.

Dan Cathy...the CEO of an American fast food chain is attacked for defending the traditional/orthodox Biblical definition of marriage.  3 American mayors...none of whom expressed an intent to forbid Muslim businesses from being in their cities btw....threaten Chic-fil-A with said action.  American Universities are pressured to kick restaurants off their campuses.

Note to self:  check into Islam's teachings on same sex marriage...also...the Farrakhan / Chicago connection.

Shortly thereafter...in fact on the 11th Anniversary of 911...there is a well organized attack on our US Embassy in Libya.  4 US citizens are killed.  Islamic terrorists and this administration claim the attack and ongoing protests throughout the region and beyond...come in response to an obscure film posted on YouTube.

Apologies are made to our Islamic attackers and mobs.  

Apparently their feelings are hurt.

A presidential candidate speaks his mind on the issue...

Note to self:   check the time lines.

....and is smeared by our biased mainstream media...who is obviously in bed with the current administration.

Facts emerge.  Conflicting stories.  First hand accounts from those on the ground.

The administration is looking more foolish with every passing hour.

Why do we have a problem with calling this attack on our US Embassy a TERRORIST ATTACK?

Does it have anything to do with UN resolution 1618?

Side note....ARTISTS/ FILMMAKERS/MUSICIANS/WRITERS...where is your outrage?????   Are you not going to to find fault with a government that asks google to review a film.....


...with the hopes of them taking it down so that their own problem is whitewashed into oblivion...never to be heard of again... after all the spin is said and done...not even mentioned in future History text books? 

JayZ...some administration somewhere might not take kindly to lyrics of  yours in some future world.  Just sayin'

What if the next administration has a problem with a film which resembles The Last Temptation of Christ?  Or challenges Lady Gaga's... Judas.  Or....let's say...takes issue with The Book of Mormon.

What if they don't want to hurt the feelings of Muslims and think Journey to Jemima has crossed a line?  We do pray for open doors in a Muslim culture...in the film.  We do sing Jesus Love You to  Muslim orphans...in the film.

Or Remnant.....what if we as Americans...are prohibited from making the films we are led to make because some one's feelings might get hurt?  Or, their pride might be wounded.  Or their religious ideals are challenged? 

We won't have to lose our Freedom of Speech if we hand it over, people.

Note to self:   Check into Utah's  banning of The New Normal.

And then there is the whole Israel issue. Huge issue.  Very important issue. 

We are navigating dangerous times.  I really really really meant it.

And, yes the Lord knows all about it and REIGNS on HIGH.

And...Happy Constitution Day.