Sep 30, 2012


UPDATE:  Article published today. 

SUCH a good film!  I am completely stressed and I'm not sure I will be able to sleep tonight.

Thomas and Allan...two friends of ours...invited me to a pre screening of Argo.  It is an amazing film.  A MUST SEE!!!!!!!

Ben Affleck did an incredible job directing.  It is Oscar worthy. 

Thought # 1...Thomas very wisely....made us aware of our surroundings....locating the nearest theatre EXIT just in case some random...you know.....guy with a beef showed up on on a mission to do some damage.  He didn't say this...but I sure thought it...."He's right....there could be some Hollywood secret cell wackadoodle scenario ...........etc.  The EXIT was directly behind us to the right.

Thought #2...If a crappy obscure short film/trailer You Tube video is the cause of so much middle eastern / North American / intercontinental hoopla...this film could possibly trigger another World War. Lord...let it not be so.

Go and see this film.  Spend your $$$$$ to see it in a theater.  (Locate EXITS)

Do not wait for DVD.  It is that good.