Aug 21, 2012

Teaching Multi Grade Levels?

First of all....we don't really keep track of "grade levels" in our Home-School.   Second of all...older kids can glean what they can from younger level work and visa versa.



Galilee and Jemima are starting an Anatomy/Physiology Course in a few weeks.  It will be taught by a Master's College Prof.  Until then...they are joining in on the youngers Apologia Astronomy Class.

 Maybe they will stay with it....even after their olders class begins???   I think so.

Today in History.....we discussed Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky.  The older girls will need to delve a bit deeper.  For Zion...an introduction is adequate.   Same topic...varying ages/grade levels.   The same Time-Line for all will be assembled and hung on the wall.

While the older kids work on their Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 lesson in the front yard....Zion works on her Saxon Grade 3 lesson in the living room.

I oversee things.  It's my job to make my kids correct their work until they master the concepts presented. 

That's how it's done.