Aug 19, 2012

Grow Where You Are Planted

If you take your children to fundraisers which raise $$$$$$$$ and awareness to combat human trafficking and they attend a weekly Bible Study with you where one of the actresses there plays an abducted girl forced into prostitution in a film about human trafficking...and you teach them from the Bible about the story of Mary the prostitute who's life was turned around by Jesus....and you see prostitutes on local street corners.....you will most likely get questions like sweet little  Zion Evangeline's tonight...

Zion:  Is there such a thing as men prostitution for women?

If you have gay family members, or gay friends in your circle of friends or gay acquaintances....

...or visit frequently an area of town in Hollywood off of Sycamore and Santa Monica where some of the people who hang out on the street corners are obviously men dressed up as women looking for a john....something similar to this might be the follow up...

Zion:  Wait, is there such a thing as gay prostitution?

She is not yet ready for the whole transgender/transsexual conversation.  Her mind and heart are processing.  Men want to buy women and girls for sex?  Women want to buy men for sex?  Men want to buy men and boys for sex? ( I'm sure I am missing some other possible scenarios...)

She knows some of the things sex has to do with because she doesn't live under a rock...and she's been taught what she needs to know in order to be safe.  But not really.  Not yet.  

It is a lot.

Parenting in a fallen world is not for the faint of heart.

Living life as we are called to live it ...brings new life experiences...which brings new opportunities.  New discussions. 

For those of you who know me well...my life's motto has been...Grow where you are planted.

Grow deeper with the Lord and others in the spot where He has placed you...for He has placed you there in this season for a reason.  

It probably should be the name of my blog.

For now...it remains my motto.  

How do you change the name of your blog?  Jemima??????????


Holly Jayamohan said...

We have been having many similar conversations in our home. I am so thankful for God's Word. Without it to guide me in these difficult conversations...I truly am not sure what I would say.