Aug 19, 2012

Apathy Is The Enemy

Last week Zion and I were confronted by a homeless man who made us feel as if we were in danger.

We are in close proximity to many homeless individuals...and interact with them on a daily basis...usually offering what we can (hardly ever $$$$) and a kind word.

In Scottsdale...we would run to the nearest fast food place and buy the rare person asking for help a meal.  But here...the need is far too great.  Not only would we be penniless...but we would have no time to do anything else.
It has been an eye opening experience...living life once again (and a new experience for the kids) surrounded by such obvious poverty and despair.

I pray that the normalcy of seeing people sleeping in doorways, under freeway passes,  and on bus stop benches does not create an apathy in my heart or in the hearts of anyone in our family.   Apathy is the enemy (scroll down to view.)

This one guy was a problem.  After offering him a granola bar he began to hiss and bark at us.  Bearing his teeth...as if he were an animal.  For a good 3 minutes.  He did not back down.  A passerby walking his dogs became a target as well.  For another few tense minutes.  And then...attentions were turned towards a UPS delivery man. 

Obviously, this homeless man was mentally ill.  There was a discernable spiritual darkness that was present during the confrontation as well.

Zion and I were shaken. 

We did not take a Self Defense Course because of the incident...but the timing could not have been more perfect.