Mar 1, 2011

Music Video

So there is this super talented songwriting couple who asked us to help produce their newest music video. It was fun coming up with a concept for the storyline and collaborating with them as we worked out the details. I love how organic the artistic process is. Bradley had a great time directing....

.... and as far as I am concerned..... it was EXHAUSTING serving as writer, producer, wardrobe girl...casting director...and first AD...but lots of fun.

(Glad it's not a full time gig.)

Now Brad gets to edit...which is a whole other art in itself.

John Moessner, the cinematographer was awesome and we're hoping to work with him again.

Low budget...so lots of people donated their time and talents.

We are thankful to those who came out and pulled together to support us.

Check my JJ smugmug gallery for a glimpse behind the scenes.

Also, here.