Feb 27, 2011

Job 37:6

We had a major spiritual breakthrough last night. Sin battled to the ground. Strongholds crumbled. Patience is a good thing and so is communication.

While we slept...more peacefully than we have in a long time...an unexpected blanket covered us as we lay.

As she ran downstairs to wake-up her sisters so they could go play in our version of a winterwonderland....I stopped Zion in her tracks.

"Zion, do you realize that the Lord did two miracles last night...the family victory and snow!

She smiled so big and came back for a deep deep hug. That's when she whispered in my ear, "He washed us white as snow."

Be still my heart.

"He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth,' and to the rain shower, 'Be a mighty downpour."
Job 37:6


David said...

Conggrats on the breakthroughs! Still battling our strongholds. Can't seem to find the info on how or what the process is, everyone gives such vague answers. So, we just keep faithfully praying and leaning on Him!


zoe said...

You gave me chills this morning... Thanks for sharing your wonderful morning...

Lisa Taylor said...

Tears shed this morning! Answered prayer. OVERJOYED!!!!!

Kim Thompson said...

Soooo glad! :)

Cate said...

that is so weird!!!! THe snow part, I mean. The Jesus part is AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful daughter looks just like me when I was a kid! She is SO lucky! LOL! Miracles are everywhere, isn't it great when we remember to spot them?