Mar 16, 2011

Tug of War

Jeni's post this week is so spot on. Thought I'd share.

Too tired right now to discuss what "callings" I set aside to be a mother to my children/blessings.
I will though...soon.

My heart really went out to this woman as I watched her Today show interview. So blinded. So deluded. So convinced.

Don't hate me cuz this sounds judgmental.


Healy Family said...

i didn't see that part of the today show today, so maybe my next statement won't make sense in light of the context of the show...but one of my favorite things in all the world is when my daughter's friend sees me and says, "Hi Nicole's mom". I love being my daughters mom. I have given up nothing worth anything more than the worth of my 5 kids.

Chris and Kelly said...

No lie, Dawn, I saw that interview, about jumped through the TV to knock that woman up side the head and then thought to myself....I bet Cate or Dawn or SoMEONE that blogs will comment on the selfishness, delusional thinking of this woman.

It was very sad to watch and listen to indeed. I could go on and on, but I'd be preachin' to the choir! :0)

Kelly Shondelmyer