Feb 15, 2011

Boobies and Hinies

An image from the Patrick Demarchelier shoot.

Yes...that's a vintage Chanel sequined jacket and...

...yes...the guy on the right's hairline does start towards the rear 1/3 of his head. Freaky.

Quick questions...

If we are sending our kids in to Africa or Papua New Guinea, the South of France or Rio de Janeiro ...we'd be smart to discuss culture variants with them ahead of time, right? They might be seeing things they've never seen before. Like barely clothed or unclothed populations...... or entire families on nude beaches for instance.

Same goes for the island of Manhattan, right?

Boobies and hinies are boobies hinies wherever they appear.

Is it possible to be in the presence of American boobies and hinies devoid of sexual association?

I think so.

But, then again I was raised in a culture like that so it doesn't seem odd to me.

For some, proximity like this might be a huge struggle. A temptation to be avoided at all costs.
For others...not so much. Thank the good Lord that there are people who are able to minister to those in adult entertainment circles...and to ladies and men & boys and girls of the night.


It's a matter of the heart.

Be in the world not of it.

Love the Lord your God and love people.

I hope to be raising young men who know how to avert their eyes when necessary and look upon all cultures they encounter as those in need of redeeming love.

From our talks with the boys about stuff like this...I get a clearer picture of how enormously HUMONGOUS God is.

I am convinced more than ever that He does not fit into a box.


Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

I love you. And I hope I parent with similar views. Even though we don't see quite as many boobies and hinies here in the Bible Belt...the conversations...are always necessary.
Thank you.

And...I wish we could Skype during Big Love because Oh.My.Goodness. This season is loaded!

Lisa Taylor said...

Good wisdom my friend!!!

That's a boy on the far right???!!!

Tamara said...

The guy on the right looks like he's channeling the butler from Rocky Horror Picture Show...and probably on purpose. :-)

Ginger said...

I was just going to say that Tamara. Riff-raff hahahahahahahaahha

Ginger said...

ok gotta say it. "Its a jump to left and then a step to the right put your hands on your hips and bring your knees in tight......" well you get it. sorry could not help myself dawn. I know a serious post but I just could not keep myself from saying it. KB looks fab!

familygregg said...

you do the pelvic rollllll...

Ginger said...

don't yell at me if I am wrong but think it is the "pelvic thrust that really drives you insaaaannnnnneeeeee lets do the time warp again" Saw it like 40 times or so. But hey you were probably friends with tim Curry himself hahahah