Jun 22, 2009

Because I said, "No."

You know how we as parents...might say "no" to our kids and they do not understand our reasons at all. It makes zero sense to them as to why we withhold something.

For instance...

A child wants a piece of candy in the car and his parents say, "No." Mom and Dad know they are on their way to a fiesta w/a pinata. Very soon....sweets will be overflowing. The boy thinks he's got mean parents who are withholding their love.

Daughters are in a store. They would like the freedom to browse the racks by themselves. Mom says, "No." Is she harsh or is she protecting them from a possible danger she has been alerted to?

There are many situations in our lives which work out in ways that are difficult to comprehend. For me, the most difficult ones are the relational ones...which I've talked about here in Blogland before. If I'm honest...sometimes, I kick and scream and think..."Why, Lord?....Why not heal this now?!!!! This makes no possible sense."

Then I remember. He loves me.

He sees the completed tapestry when I do not.

He sees the hidden dangers when I do not.

He has my best interest at heart.

He loves me.

This relationship or that relationship might have been dissolved or put on hold simply because He loves me and for no other reason.

The question is....do I trust Him....even with my relationships?


Another possibility...

I might be the crutch in someone else's life which needs to be kicked out of the way...so that the Lord may have access to brokenness w/out distraction.

He may remove me...because He loves them(which He does)...and wants their full attention.


Another possibility....

Might I be a stumbling block to someone else's salvation? If so...shove me out of the way Lord.


Sean's Ladies said...

so true and so hard for the heart to learn.

the deep attachment disorder of the soul

Brenda said...

Great truth as always. I have been doing a lousy job of visiting my online friends lately. School is wearing me out. Really. I did want to pop in and say I saw your Whiplash statement at Christines. I love that.

familygregg said...

Hi Brenda...no worries. I check in w/you :)

Hope your summer is going well w/the kiddos...and the school thing...all that hard work...very admirable.

Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

Thank you. I needed that.