Sep 12, 2008

How cute is this? Mcabe booked his first paying gig as an actor. A Basha's commercial. He misses an hour of cop-op for a wardrobe fitting on Monday and History & Writing classes on Wednesday...for the shoot.

I am confident that he...like his dear old parents....will learn much, much, much on set.

And one of the most wonderful things about our home-fellowship....is the encouragement these families bring in to our lives. The Moyers gave Mcabe a "Way to Go!" acknowledgement with a Chinese hackey sac. Isn't it cute....how embarrassed he is? And the Johnsons, they are so thrilled for all he attempts and let him know he's got his own personal cheering squad at every turn.


Christine said...

Thanks for commenting on the 'ole bloggy schmog.

Don't be feeling like a loser. I didn't say that I did all of that with brushed hair ... or make-up ... or even a BRA!

Notice, too, that I have my kids doing soooooo much. It is the only way I survive. Seriously. Pass the buck, my friend. Pass. the. buck.