Sep 15, 2008

English Muffin Pizzas

Easy breezy...comfort food. The weather is changing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to pull out the Autumn recipies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What makes this an Atumn recipe exactly...I do not know....other than the fact that my Mom always made a tray for my brother and I after school...back east...where the air was clear and crisp.... where the leaves changed all sorts of colors before they were piled high in Saturday heaps and burned away by Dads in flannel.

Brush english muffin halves w/olive oil. Stick under the broiler until golden. Spoon on tomatoes sauce and top with fresh mozerella. Salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste. Stick back under the broiler until cheese browns and bubbles.


Tamara said...

Only in Arizona do we start talking about fall weather when the temps dip to 95. :-)

Susan G said...

OK< how did you make these? YUMMY!

familygregg said...

Tamara: Ain't that the truth? I am so excited to sleep with open windows at night.