Jun 17, 2008

We've decided to "twin" Galilee and Jemima in all subject areas from here on out...or until we are led differently. They are at similar academic levels despite their two year age difference and life becomes all that much easier to manage as a result. Jemima is working hard at advancing her math skills through the summmer so that she can can begin Saxon 76 w/ Galilee in the fall.

Last year Mcabe joined our co-op's highschool group and he did very well....keeping up with older Bro and the other big kids.

We had Bria finish his sciences early and held him out of math for an entire year....while Mcabe pushed ahead....so that they could attend a small group tutorial together. Intense, close attention in a highly academic...lovingly supportive place with two other students. Perfect scenario.

Bria registers today down at the college. No more co-op for him.

It's so wonderful to have the freedoms we have. We are so grateful for the opportunity to "educate" our kids in a manner which suits each of them best.