Aug 10, 2007

Brad Having Fun with Rooney

Hint: Hit Pause Button (far left) on Music Player before pressing Start.


Family Gregg said...

Mrs. Spice: Thanks. I love it.
Deb: Too Kind.

Debbie and Co. said...

No - it's true. I wish I could say the same about myself!

Mom of Five said...

Oh my gosh, that is the coolest, hippest video!! You are SOOO cute. I can sure see your kiddos in you guys. What fun to go WAY back when!! Love it. (Derrick and I go back to Junior High. Wish I had some old pics.)

SeanandCate said...

Awesome. I know the next one I want him to do.

Family Gregg said...

I love the video, Dad. It should win. But I love you more.

Family Gregg said...

You're so cool and your movie is cool.