Jun 18, 2007

Suddenly L.A.

Just returned from an unexpected three night trip...triggered by a frightening scare for a family member. All is well. The Lord is so tremendously persistent and patient when deepening our roots. He does work all things together for good... for those who are called according to His purposes. I'm amazed to watch and participate in the unfolding of His plans. Although it wasn't exactly a "fun" visit...we did have some fun in the City of Angels.
Drive-by Memories.
Father's Day Flea Market/Fairfax & Melrose

Chilicheese fries at Carney's.
The spot where Brad proposed.
While the boys were out...the girls went SKINNY DIPPIN!!!!!!
Throwing some love cousin's way.


Sheena Christine said...

I'm glad to hear everything is okay...
And i have to say, i laughed out loud when i saw the picture of the girls skinny dipping. That is so cute!
: )
I love you

Family Gregg said...

thanks for praying. love you too.

SeanandCate said...

Your witness is steady and radiant

SeanandCate said...

love Mimers cut, too!