Jun 5, 2007

Attention All Moms

Fry's @ Thompson Peak Pkway and Hayden
Bagels .50 (get them yourself in the bakery section and bring them over to the Tulley's counter...where they toast and butter them at no charge)
Choc. milk for the kids and a coffee for Mom. A beautiful sitting area w/ a leather couch. A no brainer.

Lifetime Fitness. One person joins and everyone else in the household comes in for free during the month of June. For us...this translates to "7 for the entry price of 1!!!!!!!!" No long term contracts....leave w/out penalty when you want. A rock climbing gym for the kids included in the membership. You can bring your own snacks if you want. Unlimited fountain soda refills by the pool. Towel service...hairdryers and almond lotion in the ladies lounge....steam room...sauna........(notice how I didn't mention stairmasters or treadmills?)

Harkins movie deal. 10 movies for $7. You missed the first two (Curious George & Charlotte's Web)....so now it would be 8 movies for $7. Super deal. My girls are loving it. We go Tuesdays........