Feb 13, 2007

Ugly Thoughts

If only the thoughts floating through my brain were lovely...but they are not. Not tonight. I'm sickened by sin this week and it's only Tuesday. I have all sorts of evil, gross things maneuvering around my brain. Things I don't want to know...things I don't want to see...hear...dwell on. I'm sick to my stomach. This state we walk around in...this state of pre-glory living...it is so marred...so bruised and scarred. Left to ourselves...we do no good. Lord, protect us from ourselves. Help us to desire to submit to your will for our lives no matter the cost. We know this desire can only come from You. And, Lord, please let us not be deceived by our own wayward hearts. Lord, turn your sinning church back...Lord, bring discipline upon your children. And by it...let us testify to your correction, protection, and undying love.