Feb 21, 2007

The Gift of Family

How blessed...joyful...pleased...honored.... I am to have a dad who picks up the boys after lunch to play a game of tennis...or who runs around in cammies on many a Saturday....... getting shot up by paint balls with them and their friends... or jam packs the car tight with snacks and supplies for overnight hunting trips. It's so special that my mom watches Zion on Mondays so that the older kids and I can go to classes...without three year old distractions. Not only does this support me and minister to me...but my baby gets to be with her grandmother...as the big girls so often do. They look forward to their lunches out...shopping trips... and sleep overs. How about our dear friends...offering guitar lessons to Bria without charge...because there's just no way exchanging money with family feels right? And my girlfriends...they give themselves to my children so tirelessly week in and week out. I am so blessed! What a supportive family and extended family we have been given! Thank you, Lord...for meeting our needs in such loving ways.