Nov 18, 2015

12 Questions About the Syrian Refugee Crisis...the list may grow as I process

 I would love responses. 

1.  What is the role of our government in general and in this crisis?

2. What do you think about the President of our government...the one who has a history of opposing things of a Biblical nature...to pull out the "widows and orphans" slam in regards to unvetted Syrian refugees?

3.  Regarding ^ that btw....Is anyone out there under the assumption that radicalized men are not radicalizing women and children?

4.   What is the role of the Church in this crisis?  Local?  Global?

5.  Is the role of the gvt. and the role of the church different?

6.  Specifically to secular folks/ the "non-religious" ones...what have you done to help a Syrian refugee lately?

7.  Specifically to ....CHRISTIANS...what have YOU done to help a Syrian refugee lately?
8.  Specifically to secular folks/the "non-religious" ones....please explain to me how you desperately and passionately wanting to help the Syrian refugees lines up with your belief system?  The survival of the fittest one.  I'm lost.

9.   Specifically to the Christians...until you get off your high horses and take in or habitually visit a Syrian refugee...giving him/her the clothes off your back and feeding him/her from your table et. etc. etc. ...or supporting financially (until it hurts,) physically, emotionally, spiritually etc. etc. etc.  those who are...your self serving and self deceiving platitudes about continuing to bring them unvetted into our towns and cities...are falling on deaf ears.

10.  To everyone...Is there more than one way to help?

11.  Given Current Events...what is the wisest way to help?

12. What will YOU do?

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