Apr 27, 2011

Another Child

You have 5 children on earth and 5 in Heaven.  You don't use protection because you have been convicted that your womb is the Lord's to do w/whatever He decides fit.

You struggle w/fearing pregnancy...struggle w/ fearing loss of pregnancy...have adopted....have a heart for adoption........have no immediate leanings towards adoption........have intimate martial relations.......and haven't been pregnant in years.

You know that children are a gift.  A blessing.

You have a name chosen for your next child...boy or girl.

Even though you do not know if there is another child.


Cate said...

I don't know, dear friend. But I will commit to praying with you for your next little one.

Cate said...

P.S. You are, as always, incredible transparent and humble before God.

Andy and Kiara said...

Love your transparency. Praying for peace tonight. I knew there was a reason I needed to check your blog tonight. :)

Kim Thompson said...

I swear so many times you and I are on the exact same page!! I will also pray. I totally understand this.