Oct 20, 2010

Dear Prayer Warrior Friends,

Detox is not easy. Detox is painful. Facing a future w/the thought of going through rather than numbing out the pain in your heart is torture. Prayers for Damon, please.



JM said...

Praying...Damon you are so loved!

Kim Thompson said...

Oh Dawn, we went through this with B's mom last year...it is sooo hard and sooo painful to watch your loved ones go thru this process. He will be in our prayers!!!

David said...


We are praying for you. Please shout to God when it is the toughest! He will get you through this.

Look how far you have come. We are praying every morning and every night. You are loved by so many that you do not even know and those you have never met.

Hang in there and try to focus on Jesus. He is REAL and loves you more than you can imagine!

Gwenn said...

Praying that God touches Damon with the wonder and power
of His transforming love,
that Damon's life may be made whole,
that he may find fulfillment in life,
that He may rejoice in God's blessing, that he tolerates detox and that God continues to surround him with prayer warriors.