Oct 22, 2010

I usually post stuff like this over at my photography blog...but today...decided to upload here.

Mostly because this particular set at this particular time in history has more to do w/home-education than it does w/photography per say.

Mcabe Justus has vocalized his heart. He wants to be an actor...and sometimes model.

He would love to somehow see the world while following this dream of his.

He's a funny kid. While shopping @ Anthropologie this week...he nonchalantly mentioned as he was assembling two diverse, inspired & eclectic gift baskets....the fact that he plans to make a living without making a "normal living." Meaning....no nine to five desk jobs for him.

He smiled and waited. For my reaction...I'm sure.

If you knew him at all....this makes perfect sense.

I smiled back and said, "Son...if anyone could do it...it would be you."

Excited to see where his walk with the Lord married with this deeply rooted sense of adventure and his unconventional thinking takes him.


It's also a home-education sorta post due to the fact that the girls were there too...watching and learning. What they should have been doing was reading those books in their hands ...but they weren't.