May 6, 2007

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The Logan's Christmas home was decorated prettily. Mrs. Logan fashioned her place with a beige curtain and a wooden, octagon-shaped table covered with a blue and white plaid tablecloth made by Big Ma. There's was a dazzling Christmas tree standing in the living room. The shanty brightened up by the light of the fireplace. Things were colorful and the Logans were very happy.

The scrummdiddlyumptious food sat on the wooden, octagon-shaped table. The smell of mashed potatoes and gravy ran through the entire house. Mama made turkey and ham. The Logan family enjoyed their Christmans and were really grateful.

*Scene Description by Galilee


Mom of Five said...

That is an amazing, descriptive vignette. I could almost smell the turkey! Great job. Mrs T

Family Gregg said...

Thank you very much but you should be careful with this book because it uses the "n" word. I don't want anyone to know that word.

Anonymous said...

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