May 26, 2007

I'll Fly Away

This is a somber Saturday evening for our family. Last night we received word that my parents dear friend of 35 years, Roy...has died. His passing was unexpected and sudden...a complete shock. As Brad and the boys drive Mom and Dad to the airport so that they can catch the red eye back East to be with Lori...I sit processing my thoughts..." Truthfully speaking...tonight's dinner at Patsy Grimaldi's could have been our last together. Who's to say?" Things like this happen all the time. River died in front of the Viper Room a few short hours after leaving us a phone message. Maureen died...less than a week after a nice visit...no hint of serious illness. Little Austin Moore...so so sudden.

None of us ever thought our dinner at Chin Chin's in L.A. ......what a month ago?......... would've been our last with Roy. We shared a meal...and some memories. We laughed. We snapped a few photos. We hugged "goodbye."

I am so completely humbled and forced to my knees in Holy fear of my King ...who has patiently allowed me a day to wrestle with His will...all the while never doing anything but loving me...by reaching out His tender hand...firmly gripping mine and guiding my shaky steps...ushering me into a place of deeper acceptance and understanding. Here's what He whispered to my heart...."Dawn, if tonight's pizza at Grimaldi's was your last meal together...you and those present (your parents, your husband, your sons and daughters) ...your parting would be temporary...it would be but a "so long. It is because I have saved you and them. And for those at the table who do not yet have a saving knowledge of Me...I love them and they are My responsibility. They are under My watchful eye and protection"


Sheena Christine said...

Sometimes... we forget to soak up the moments that make us better instead thinking to much of the things that wont matter in the end.