Mar 3, 2007

It Could Happen

Can God interrupt a life...change a heart...turn a man around and redirect his steps? Yes!!!!!! And if President Logan were a real person...God just might be doing that very thing. Waiting for Monday on the edge of our seats because we're nothing more than a bunch of "24" worshippers (jk...jk...jk...) rooting for Jack and the gang.
By the way....if Logan winds up being a self-serving, lying, hairy loser....oh well....the thought of him getting saved is fun for the time being.


SeanandCate said...

A. Thank you for sharing your illness with us. (you know it is bad when the phone rings and without hellos, I say, are you frieking out and you say I just wanted to make sure you were watching and we both hang up)
B. How did you get so many weblinks on your page?
C. You are so cute for putting FHG there. I love you.

family gregg said...

A. great minds think alike
B. click on "layout"...go to "add a page element" (by the way...when have i ever known more about computer stuff than you?)
C. ditto

SeanandCate said...

Yeah, How is that you know more about this than me?? That's crazy!! Get off the computer. You're going to get carpal tunnel or a neck ache!

family gregg said...

going to get????????????????????
too late.

Debbie and Co. said...

I suppose it could, but what would that do to the plot line - or is that too shallow?