Jun 3, 2015

Our Silver Anniversary

We met in Hollywood.  25 years ago today we were married in New York City.  We've lived through rocky times and have seen seasons of smooth sailing.  We've met Jesus.  We've wrestled with HIM.  We've learned from HIM.  We've made some good choices and we've made some poor choices.  We are parenting five children together and lost five children together.  We've seen career success...career change...and career struggle.  We've traveled.  We've stayed put.  We've home-educated together.  We've had much and we've had little.  We've liked each other and not so much.   We've misunderstood one another and perfectly understood one another...sometimes in the span of an hour.   We've fought and we've made up.  We've laughed a lot and cried a lot. We've lost and gained family.  We've lost and gained friends.  We've seen attacks come and go.   We've battled the enemy of our souls.  We've switched states four times.   We've encouraged and found encouragement in one another.   We've walked in fear.  We've walked in truth.  We've walked in freedom.  Side by side.   Together.

Not always as ONE.

That's a hard one to navigate.  Only with the Lord is it truly possible.

Thanking the Lord today for preserving and protecting our marriage in this fallen world.  To HIM be all the glory.