Mar 20, 2015


I think I met an angel yesterday.  At the Buena Vista Library in Burbank.

I walk through the front door and head directly to the Book Store.  Jemima disappears to return a stack of movies and find some new ones we can borrow.

First thing I do ...is encounter a rolling shelf of old titles.  No lie...I have no idea why...but I pick up a thin...yellowed...paperback ...it's front cover hidden by a price tag.

$3.00.  That's all I know going in.

I scooch over the price tag to see what this little book is called and...

...Evangeline is the answer.

Wait!  What??????????


Evangeline is the name of the screenplay we just completed and are about to shop around town.



I look around.  There's nobody in close proximity...whom I think will get it ( at least the way I am getting it) to share my utter astonishment with.

I chuckle out loud.

The Lord has a way of encouraging me.  He does it ALL the time.


Then...as I am chuckling to myself...and browsing the rest of the shelves...probably appearing a bit nutso or maybe blending right in...who knows?????....

...an older man in a straw hat hands me a $5 bill and tells me to buys something for my kids.


Who does that??????

I laugh out loud.

What a sweetheart.

Before I know it ...he is gone.

I try to find him so that Jemima can get a good look...but he is nowhere to be found.

A fun little addition...the copy of Evangeline I now own...was printed in 1895!  That takes me to the end of the time period our Evangeline back door series would bring us to.