Feb 24, 2015

Free Time

I teach a weekly Writing Class in our home to a small group of girls.  After we are finished skyping with 2 students in Arizona...these LA girls are free to spend their afternoons pretty much however they please.  I don't really get involved.

Free Time.

Sometime last Autumn...Zion found pumpkins at the .99 Cent Store and bought a whole bunch to decorate with her friends.

We usually keep a bucket of chalk around...and picnics are easy.

The girls are ALWAYS dressing up (wealthy Beverly Hills girls here) ...hanging in the closet/club...or buying .99 Cent Store ingredients so they can play Chopped.

They do "make-up."

Sometimes I find them dancing.

Last week...they put on a play..Sleeping Beauty.

Flora...Fauna...and Merryweather with Aurora.