Jun 28, 2014

Good Places in LA

Monte Carlo's in Burbank.  This is a old fashioned Italian corner market.  They have the BEST deals on pasta.  All sorts of shapes and sizes.  Crazy shapes.

Reality LA

If you are looking for solid Bible teaching...you will find it here.  Hard truths.  Life changing.

( btw....I think it is so LA to have a condom billboard directly under the Hollywood sign and over your kids event...lol)

Fryman Canyon is Zion's favorite canyon to hike.  Especially at sunset. 

LACMA ...beautiful grounds.  Completely pleasant.

Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe  in Studio City has my favorite gelato offerings.  Flavors like Lavender and Chocolate Chile.  This week I had a cup of Lemon Basil and it was to die for good.