May 31, 2013

Parks & Rec Dance Recital

Well the big day has arrived.  The girls' SPRING FLING is tonight!!!!!!

(We got to film the dress rehearsal.)

I just love their dance teacher.  She is firm yet loving.  She is professional yet accepts hugs readily.  She works so hard and must be absolutely exhausted...yet no one would ever know it.

Shahrizoda  / Zion's Ballet Routine
(PAUSE my Music Player first)

This group is precious.  Zion is one of the oldest students and it is a joy to sit in weekly as the little ones grow more and more confident and less and less shy.

Venezuelan Waltz / Galilee, Jemima, Zion's Ballet Routine

This group is a blast.  At 9, Zion is the youngest student.  There are 3 teens... including Galilee and Jemima...and the rest of the dancers are adults.   The oldest is in her 70's.

I'm so proud of Galilee and Jemima...who are willing to give anything "a go..." even if they aren't totally sold on an idea.

A highlight for me is seeing how well the ensemble worked together week in and week out.  More than that though....seeing them all in the same princess tutus is the cherry on top of a wonderful experience. 

My phone died just as I was filming....

Alladin / Zion's Tap Routine.  So that magic wasn't captured on film.

We heard rumblings that the girls had to touch the boys for the still photo...but we didn't actually believe it until the shots came in a few weeks later.

Yep...they touched the boys.