Jul 3, 2010

Scene Study Class

Braverijah and Mcabe were contemplating taking an Acting Class together....but instead.....have asked Bradley and I to put something together for those in our community who are interested in film/drama/writing etc.

Because we love our boys & want to be near them as much as possible and because we want to assist them and others in reaching for their dreams.... and because we love this sort of stuff passionately....

......HERE GOES!

8 Week Session
/ We can start soonish
Fridays 7-9ish pm
Intimate Setting...our home :)
Low cost. Call me or facebook me for details.

Expect to....... feel safe, feel nervous, be challenged, laugh, yell, maybe cry, try hard, present monologues, work w/partners, go on camera, do cold readings, be very afraid, want to run, receive instruction, share ideas, do homework, bring your emotions to a photo shoot, be stretched into uncomfortable places, tear apart and reconstruct scenes, dive into character, discover more about yourself, grow.


Lisa Taylor said...

This sounds so cool! Would love to be a fly on the wall!!